It’s Nearly Christmas.. let’s drink tea! 🎄

Mulled Apple Tea  🍏 

Christmas is upon us, which means lots of entertaining, eat lots of amazing food, and drinking thirst quenching beverages.

In case you haven’t realised, if you don’t like anything spiced, you are going to hate this recipe. I love the smell of aromatic spices in the house, I love inhaling warm wafts of spicy goodness while cradling a cup of hot tea in both hands. Comfort is the word that comes to mind, but an elemental comfort that is hard to describe.

 If you don’t drink alcohol or caffeine but you still want something warming for the winter, this is the perfect recipe. And you can even drink it in the mornings or take it in a flask on your travels.

 It is also super quick to make and no-fuss, meaning you can easily make up a few lots (yes, it is addictive). Just multiply the recipe for the number of people you want to serve!

All you need is (other than love)  ♥


1 mugs of freshly squeezed apple juice
1 cinnamon stick, plus extra to garnish, if you like
2 cloves
1 teabag of choice (I used english breakfast)
½ tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp ground ginger
A pinch of ground cloves
A pinch of turmeric
Star anise and cinnamon sticks to garnish
honey, to taste (optional)

What to do:

Place the apple juice in a pan on the lowest possible heat
Add the teabag and spices and stir well until the juice is hot and infused but not boiling
Squeeze out the teabag  Serve each drink with a little orange peel and a piece of cinnamon stick, if you like.

I found this recipe from bbcgoodfood, but I added my own little twist to it:

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