Energizing BEET Juice.

Beet the best juice

Lately, I’ve been drinking red beet juice either before or after my running sessions. And, so it seems, I’m not the only one: after some quick googling, beets turn out to be a favorite for athletes!

So why drink beets? Beets are magical, they are true super foods and something we should all be eating more of.  There is also a lot of nitrate in beets, which is processed into nitrite, which eventually increases the oxygen uptake. So: more endurance and energy. Red beets also contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and iron (good for your muscles).



1  beet root
1 apple
1/2 lemon
an inch of ginger
1/2 cucumber
A handful of raspberries

How to make: 

The only preparation you need to do is to chop the leaves off the beetroot and peel away the outer layer of dirt and thicker skin. Once this is done simply put everything through the juicer, stir, sip and enjoy!

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