Be your own valentine  ❤︎


For the single lady or gentleman, Valentine’s Day can stir up feelings of loneliness or unrequited love. All that PDA and chocolate-filled Instagram posts can make even the most level-headed single person nauseous.Even though it is, in all actuality, a saint’s day rather than a day designed to celebrate couples in love, there is nothing stopping you from celebrating self-love or even love between friends.So with that in mind, I reaffirm the title of this blog post: Be your own Valentine. This doesn’t mean that you should cancel your plans or spend the whole day spoiling yourself, although you’re certainly welcome to do so if it suits you. By this I mean that you celebrate the love for Y-O-U.

Romance and relationships are nice, but we are, after all, the only one person that will be there for us for our entire life! Forgive yourself for the thing you said or never said or the person you let slip away. Look at yourself as you are and say that this is enough because it is. It has to be. You can change your hair or study more and that will undoubtedly change you in some way, but fundamentally you are who you are, so what’s the point of thinking only of what you could be? Accept yourself. Love yourself. If only for a day. You may find that doing it once makes it a little easier for next time.

There’s nothing shameful in fitting the Valentine’s Day mold or ignoring it completely. Only remember that during what is widely considered a celebration of love that you should love yourself first. If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect to love anybody else?

3 things you should consider: 

Love yourself.  This might sound a bit corny, but trust me it works. If you aren’t used to focusing on what you love then you need to practice it just like you would any new exercise. Practice creates a habit so it is important that you make this a daily thing. You can focus on external or internal things; anything your heart desires. 

Pamper yourself.  Go wild! Light candles, draw yourself a bath, invite friends over or cook a cosy meal for yourself, the list is endless for you to have your perfect day! 

Take some time out from social media. Seems like a bit of an odd one, but for me, if I know there’s something that could make me feel a little down or a little lonely, then stepping away from Instagram and Facebook can be a huge help. In this present time, it’s really easy to find yourself swallowed in by social media and find yourself pining for this ‘perfect’ lifestyle everyone on social media seems to lead. Nine out of Ten times it isn’t the case and the reality is, they’ve probably sat behind a screen makeup free, scruffy hair with pink heart pjs on. Plus let’s be honest, who wants to read sickly sweet photographs and see soppy #boydidgood tweets all day?

Being single doesn’t have to equal loneliness. Love yourself first and the rest of the world will follow suit. 💕

These are a few dishes, i like to eat. But hey the recipes up, (click on link, below each picture to view) so feel free to try it out. x

Beetroot-marinated salmon with radish salad


Click link for recipe

Sizzling Moroccan prawns


click link for recipe

Victoria Sponge Cupcakes


click link for recipe

Enjoy x

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