My Morning Routine

Morning Everyone! 

Morning time is precious time, the peace and quiet before the outside world bleeds noise into your day. who would not crave for those few moments? To be honest, many people aren’t morning people. We’ll often get out of bed, eat food, watch television, take care of the kids (if you do have kids) and commute to work. This slow-moving routine can sabotage the rest of the day because you’ve wasted the first few hours.I am going to share with you, how I like to start my day!

First thing: 1) Make my bed.

Make my bed: I start the day by making my bed, because several studies show the benefit of starting your day out with one, simple, accomplishment. The military and other groups use this psychological tool as well. It’s shocking how much better you feel when you start your day with a tidy sleeping area. I do this no matter where I am: my home, in a hotel, or relatives home.

2) I love to get my workout in early, so I either go for a 30 minute run – or if pressed for time, I do a quick 10 minute core workout at home.

3) Make warm water and honey! Its BREAKFAST TIME!!!! 😋

4)Face ritual: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on products to have the best skin of your life, you just need to take care of it consistently using simple, natural techniques and tools. 1) cleanse and toner  2) exfoliate 2 times a week 3) Eye creme 4) moisturise, with adding a SPF booster

5) Check my diary and journal: I write out what I want to achieve in the day, rewrite the affirmations that are sitting in the forefront of my mind, or work on a blog post or some other creative thing, if I feel inspired. From this step, I can enter reactive mode if need be while feeling intentional.

I have not always, stuck with this routine, I sometimes can fall off, but i push myself to get back into the routine.

I do not include, checking my emails as part of my ‘morning routine’ i think answering email first thing in the morning is the BANE of modern existence. My advice to you would be, check your emails once you have completed your morning routine. I have been a culprit many times, but recently i have kept my phone on airplane mode and its working out just fine. Numerous studies have shown that being reactive (checking email, social media, etc. first thing in the morning) is terrible for your mental health and productivity throughout the day.

TIP: Try to make sure the house, especially the bedroom area, is reasonably clean and sort your admin, before going to bed. : university bags, clothes,paper work etc..



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