I have such an obsession for Mint, Honey and Water. I just LOVE IT!!

This is my usual wake me up tea, these days. I guess its better than, gulping sugary drinks ay! 🙂
So, why drink this in the morning? Well, the fact is that warm honey and lemon water is said to help promote weight loss, it aids better digestion, cleanses the lymphatic system (system of thin tubes and lymph nodes that run throughout the body) and urinary tract, boosts energy, improves mood, promotes clear glowing skin, and BREATHEEEE!!!! Basically, there is a million other reasons out there of why this is found to be such a great and healthy thing drink.

So now, why the mint?

I add mint, first reason i just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But also because, just like honey and warm water, it to has a majority of health benefits. Such as boosting the immune system, pain and indigestion relief, improving circulation, promoting healthy hair and skin, as well as relieving nausea and headache. Which, in the past i have suffered with constantly, not saying they have completely disappeared but less than before, for sure!

It really is, a pick- me – up kinda drink and oh so refreshing! Try it out for yourself. 🙂


Handful of fresh mint
1 teaspoon honey
1 cup hot water


Combine the mint and honey in a mug. Pour hot water on top and let steep for a few minutes.
Drink in the morning first thing and on an empty stomach!
Of course, you’ll want to wait for at least half an hour after drinking this water before eating or drinking anything other than some water. You want to give it time to work it’s magic on your system.
Aman x

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